About Us

“We exist to make your customers
fall in love with your brand, product
and your services.”

Endless Rewards is a leading independently-owned supplier of customised loyalty solutions and Customer Relationship Management platforms to retailers, restaurants and franchises worldwide.


Knowing and understanding your customer is at the heart of what we do. We create positive one-on-one experiences with your customers, and keep them spending more, more often.


Retailers today are doing it tough. Customers are becoming fickle. With the explosion of social media, the proliferation of daily deals sites and online purchasing, consumers have more choices than ever before and they are becoming discount chasers.


Owning the customer has become a major challenge.


We’ve combined traditional loyalty best-practice technology with the ability to reward your customer for their advocacy, thereby providing an augmented loyalty experience that enhances your brand across multiple channels and helps you retain and grow your customer base in support of increased profits.


So, whether you are looking to change or reinvigorate an existing loyalty programme or develop a new programme from scratch, the Endless Rewards Platform is a seamless, customisable solution that combines world-class strategy and creativity, with best in class rewards platform delivery and analytics.


Our CashBack Rewards currency offers unique business benefits


Our key product is our CashBack Rewards engine, which gives customers a reason to come back and buy more, since that’s the only way they can realise their full reward


This is the core of what is special about Endless Rewards: even when customers redeem they earn, meaning there is always something in the pot to keep them coming back.


Not only is it a compelling consumer offer driving customer acquisition and retention, but it is also a sound business tool that helps companies reduce brand discounting while protecting margins.


Too many programs keep customers waiting a long time to redeem and enjoy their rewards. This often leads to customer dissatisfaction and a loss of engagement, one of the key reasons we developed the Cashback Rewards mechanism.


Unlike points or air miles, which need to be accumulated for months or years before real value is realised, CashBack Rewards are instantly available.


This speaks to the heart of what today’s customer is looking for in return for their loyalty and patronage: real value, transparency, convenience and trust


In this way we give our clients access to a world of endless possibilities:


  • Endless Customers
  • Endless Love
  • Endless Loyalty
  • Endless Profits


We call it Endless Rewards.


Technology Checklist

A feature-rich customisable solution

Our technology delivers cutting edge loyalty solutions at a fraction of the cost.